Digital Photography Services

The digital photography industry is booming as a result of recent advances in electronic technology, which have made shooting, manipulating, and transmitting pictures faster and easier. With well over 6,000 varieties of digital cameras on the market today, it is no surprise that everyone from layperson to professional considers themselves a photographer. Everyone may have a digital camera, however, not every owner is a great picture taker. In fact, to take gallery-quality pictures it requires the skill and creativity of an experienced and qualified photographer.
Saqib Malik Professional Services (SMPS), is equipped with a staff of some of the best photographers the industry has to offer. They have produced professional commercial photography for industries in all market segments.Rely on the skill, practice, experience, originality, imagination, and technique of SMPS professional commercial photographers.

Digital Photography for Print

Digital technology has drastically reduced the cost of professional commercial photography services. Now, images can be digitally transmitted to computers and easily inserted within the context of a print design. Custom commercial photography is a technical art, which when mastered, can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a wide range of print media such as brochures, post cards, and trade ads. SMPS designers can include a picture of your new facility in an internal newsletter or add a detailed image of your latest and greatest product to a sell sheet. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Digital Photography for the Web

Digital photography and the Internet go hand-in-hand. Just minutes after digitally capturing a picture, an image can be uploaded to a website for visitors to view at their discretion. Although preparing images for the web is not complicated it is important to start with the best possible source image so the picture does not appear amateurish, unprofessional, and indistinct. SMPS commercial photographers utilize the latest version of Photoshop and other software programs to enhance the image and maximize its potential. Additionally, we have invested in hardware that allows us to produce precise color calibration.

Need product photography to promote your product or service? Want to capture the atmosphere of a major corporate event? Saqib Malik Professional Services expert photographers can shoot on-location or in our state-of-the-art digital photography studio. We have the equipment and staff necessary to create the images that help you reach your specific objectives.

Client Testimonials

  • I have worked with SMPS of Split Light Design on two websites to date and have referred him to several of my colleagues. They are always looking for the creative edge but never at the expense of loosing the simple functionality of the site.

    –, Asad Abidi

  • My company needed a creative marketing website that provides useful sales information while being user friendly, interactive, and functional. SMPS did an incredibly job on design and continues to provide reliable support services.

    –, Robert

  • The service I've received from SMPS has been fantastic! They turned things around quickly, helped me understand things that were technically beyond my knowledge base and made great recommendations so that I would have a web site I could be very proud of.

    –, Wasay Ahmed

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