Logo Requirements


Following questions are only to get your vision of the required design, so that our team can support you better.
  • It is not neccessary to answer any of these questions, but recommended.
  • Try to be close to your thoughts of your design while selecting answers.
  • You can mention in your comments that you like to see some variations on it too.
  • You can leave any question/option to our designer choice and creativity too.
  • Examples shown with questions are only examples and final result may not be the same.
  • Our designers will give weight to your feedback through this form, but if require may also provide some variation, where we feel neccessary for the site.
  • You are welcome to send us any suggestion to improve this questions or examples.

1- What exact words (name of your company) should appear in your logo:

2- What is your business domain? Company Business

3- Do you have a tag line or a slogan?

4- Do you want your logo to represent something or some idea?

5- Need some specific symbols? Images? Or Object to be included in your logo?

6- Preferences about colors?

1-Light Shades

2-Dark Shades

3-Corporate Colors

4-Select Site Primary and Secondary Colors (color picker)
a-Primary Color b-Secondary Color

Any Comments or Instructions for Color Theme:

7- Preferences about fonts?

1-Normal and Corporate Fonts

2-Cursive Fonts

3-Stylish Fonts with Effects

4-Artistic Fonts

Any Comments or Instructions for Special Fonts (Please Specify Font Names Here) :

8- Do you like corporate look and feel?

9- Need Illustrative / cartoon style logo? like some examples below.

1-Illustration Styled Examples

10- Which type of logo do you wish to see from following?


2-Wordmarks (made of word)

3-Combination Marks (combination of words and symbol)

Any Comments or Instructions for Type of Logo:

11- Please reference some URL or Logo you are inspired with. (if any)

12- User Information

Full Name:

13- Security Code